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Arqueología en Europa.

Espacio en la red en ingles dedicado a la Arqueologia europea.

EAA Secretariat c/o Riksantikvarieämbetet
10259 Branch UV Väst (KUNGSBACKA)

Teléfono: +46 300 33907
FAX: +46 300 33901

Correo: petra.nordin@raa.se
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There is a long tradition of collaboration and exchange of information between archaeologists in Europe, but until the last few years this has been largely uncoordinated. Now, with the disappearance of many of the political obstacles of the past fifty years, archaeologists can move and work freely, all over Europe. At the same time, the increasing threats to Europe's rich archaeological heritage, the growth and diversification of the subject, and recent political changes combine to present a unique opportunity for the profession to develop a new, integrated European archaeology, based upon existing national and regional traditions.

>> Autor: petra.nordin (21/09/2002)
>> Fuente: EAA Secretariat. Mail: petra.nordin@raa.se

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